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This area of our website contains information that is not available to the general public for a variety of reasons. There are certain areas of this page that everyone can have access to...and other areas require a login. Anyone is able to create a free login above. The prayer hub requires your "Next Steps" login. This can also be by anyone for free.

BYOG Weekly Family Experience

Here we can share with you all the songs we have already done as well as our upcoming songs for BYOG Family Experiences. 

***NEW*** We now have available additional opportunities for you to have the BYOG family experience every week...right here on our website. There are additional activities available to download...please feel free to check them out!


Prayer Wall

It is important that as a family we lift one another up. Prayers can be submitted and/or viewed here. This requires your "Next Steps" login.

Praying Hands


Share and stay current on what is going on at Immanuel

Reading the Paper

Member Online Directory  

Now you have access to your member directory wherever you go! 

Working Cafe

Immanuel Cares

If you are in need of some cheering up

Holding Hands

Immanuel Committees and Government

You may know of some of the committees and positions open to you, but this will give you a much better idea as to what each is and the expectations that go along with them.

Writing with Pen

Important Member Documents

Council and voter meeting minutes, church constitution, etc

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