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What is the best place to wear the His And Hers Promise Rings as well as the reason

What is the best way to wear the wedding engagement ring and ring prior to, during and after the wedding ceremony? Here are all the information you need, between traditions and superstitions.

Test them out and see your own! After describing the process of selecting the right ring for a wedding proposal and how to wear it, this guide will teach you how to wear it before, after, and during the wedding. It also includes some interesting facts regarding the origins of these customs and superstitions.

1. Where to wear your Matching Necklaces

The wedding ring is to be worn on the ring finger because according to an old belief, it contains a vein that leads directly to the heart. This is a way to assign this ring the task of guiding emotions towards the heart and ensure happiness. While in Italy it is worn on the left hand, in several other countries (Spain and Greece for example) it is worn on the right hand. Each country has its own customs in relation to weddings, and about the wedding ring it is believed that it brings bad luck to wear it before the wedding!

2. Where should you wear the engagement ring

Do you prefer either an emerald or diamond? Make sure to wear your engagement ring on your left hand until you get married, no matter which stone you choose. It should be moved to the left when you wake up of the day you say "Yes, I Do" for ease of use. The engagement ring shouldn't be purchased with the wedding ring because it can bring bad luck.

3. What happens next after the wedding?

After the fateful day these two jewels represent the symbol of your indissoluble union, can go back to being together on the ring finger of the left hand, with the exception of the occasions listed above, when it is better to remove them.

You will find the perfect ring by turning to the nearest suppliers.

What better way to mark the engagement party than with official engagement greetings. Let's take a look at 40 of the most stunning and thrilling, which will best convey your happiness for this joyful occasion.

Let's start this list of phrases for formal engagement greetings by introducing some of the classic ones that are simple to use, whether you're old acquaintances, or you have recently met them and others that are more famous. You can decide to use all the engagement phrases that you will find in the next section as they are or just choose few words to add to your greeting card with a personal dedication.

Whether they are words spoken out loud or written down, as well as the phrases for wedding promises the most important aspect is that this act occurs spontaneously following what your heart tells you.


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